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At NLAB Studio we have created several pre-designed artwork that catch your eyes. We designed different type of products. If you want this design that is in a different model then what you got, with us is not a problem. You can select the design you want, and fill out the module “Would you like to match your bike or change colors? ” indicating exactly what do you want, and we will send you the proof of that design as requested. We have all the common templates for make graphics for the Matrix M64 A2 M2, Acerbis 711 Stand, Polisport Foldable Stand, Racetech R15, Procircuit, Work Connection and many more.

If you are ordering a new set of graphic, it will be enough to write down “YES” we will email you how it’s gonna look like your Stand decal.

KIT INCLUDES: NLAB Studio Stand Graphics includes the decals for the stand but not the stand. If you would like to get a new stand, you can send us a request, we are Acerbis dealer !

QUALITY: NLAB Studio born with the philosophy of quality. We have chosen to work with the best digital printers and all the graphics kits are printed and laminated with the most durable materials available on the market nowadays. We Use Substance as material, the most developed material used from the main Supercross and Motocross Team, Team Monster Energy ProCircuit Kawasaki, Honda HRC, KTM TroyLee RedBull, Yamaha Star Racing Monster Energy and a lot more. Our film is 21.0 mil, the combination of the X1 Ultracurve 6.0 mil Ultra-Aggressive Media Print with FLO technology (allowing for bubble-free application of graphics to bikes, making easier and faster, and you’ll save time) and the  Ultracurve 1500 15.0 mil Premium Clear Laminate particularly planned for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side by sides, helmets, and all of the extreme applications in needs of extraordinary protection from mud, rocks, branch.
X1 combinated to the Ultracurve 1500 is the TOP product in motocross technology, trusted by the World’s fastest professional and amateur motocross riders and teams.