Would you like to match your bike or change colors?

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The Decals Kit are made to be fit on the bed of your truck, pick-up or car. The kit includes 6 stickers: 2 x 18” by 6” (for the side of the bed) and 4 x 6” by 3” to apply wherever you like to.

This kit is in high quality vinyl laminated for a better protection under the sun UV, rain cold and hot weather ( same as the most common commercial grade materials used on all the main company, DHL, USPS, U-Haul …

At N LAB Studio we have created several pre-designed artworks that catch your eyes.

You can choose between pre-designed artworks (same as the item shown above) or custom ( no limit in what you would like to do – 2 drafts design – ). If you need to change color scheme only, you can specify in the section “variations”. If you would like a custom design you will need to Select “custom” in the first window then specify the design in the “variations” section.

Whatever will be your choice, We will email you the proof right before to print.